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Standard Customer Portal User Agreement and Data Management Policy

Who is invited to use portal?

Message to our partners

A warm welcome to Lidaris! In case you are already a customer of ours or just intend to start using our services, be our guest! We will do our best to become your favorite optics testing lab! We are eager to get in touch with you as soon as we will learn more about you and your testing needs. You are welcome to use this portal for your convenience, we hope you will find it useful. We created it by using our best effort to serve your needs as good as possible. Nevertheless, we recognize that the world is changing quite fast and some features will become obsolete or change in time, thus we admit there will be always room for improvement. In case you will have some inputs or suggestions for improvement - we would like to follow you up: get upgraded with new features that address your needs. Please share your insights with us: we will put your comments on our development wish list and try to implement them. Please accept our apologies, in case some of the features do not work as expected, we try hard to find and understand obstacles that might bug you.

Message to our competitors or copycats

Dear competitor of ours, it is an honor for us to have you as a competitor in the same market. We believe that you are doing a good job and help us to improve our services by keeping high industry standards. Nevertheless, in case you or your organization is providing similar services or have some intentions to do so now or in the future, or you are acting on behalf of our potential competitors: you are not allowed to register on this portal nor copy or use it in any other way. In case we will have direct or indirect evidence that you are acting in favor of one of our competitors your user profile or entire organization will be blocked from the usage of customer portal without permission to register or access any of your data in the future.

What data we collect and why we do it?

Private data, contact details, legal information

Your contact details (such as contact name, mailing address, email, phone number, etc.), legal information (VAT code, bank accounts, preferred shipping method etc.) as well as testing preferences (sample-specific- or preferred testing protocol- data, drawings etc.) will be stored on Lidaris servers in order to serve your testing needs as good as we possibly can and make communication with you smooth. We will use your provided data to prepare quotes, order confirmations, test reports, issue invoices, manage payments, communicate with you, customs, or logistics companies or for any similar operations.

Communication history and ordering specific data

For the sake of clarity, we keep copies of our communication with you. This includes e-mails, test reports, invoices, quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, data about your orders.

Raw data and test reports

In order to ensure measurement traceability, we will archive raw measurement data. Raw measurement data are not directly linked to your personal data. Thus, raw data produced by Lidaris measurement equipment or systems (signal records, calibration files, testing protocol-specific data, microscopic images ect.: without a link to the specific customer or specific sample ID) is considered as intellectual property of Lidaris. Lidaris reserves the right to analyze and use un-personalized raw data in order to improve the quality of services. All the testing reports are considered as your property that contains a link between testing data and customer-specific information is thus (produced for the customer) is considered as the property of the customer. Lidaris will not disclose such information to third parties under no circumstances.

What if we already have NDA with you?

In case information above (Standard customer portal user agreement and data management policy) is conflicting with the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or any other contract that we already have signed with you NDA (contract) terms and conditions should prevail.

Will my data be kept private?

Your privacy will be always respected! All your reports that will bind your personal data and raw data produced at Lidaris will be kept private and will not be disclosed to third parties under no circumstances. After some period of time, older records (such as communication history, like emails or chats etc. or raw data) might be stored in our archives and cannot be directly accessed or easily removed. Upon request, we can remove all your personal data. Nevertheless, some legal data (invoices created), that we are obliged to declare in national or international tax administration or customs systems cannot be removed due to legal reasons.